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Hand Trim at Light Speed

Speed Trimming in 6 Steps

A quick video to get you acquainted with speed trimming with a brush.

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Head to Head

Trimming an 8th Comparison

Scissor Trim vs CannaBrush Trim

Scissors vs CannaBrush — trimming an 8th including trichome comparison.

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Trichome Comparison

Scissor Trimmed

On the left is a scissor trimmed nug trimmed at typical speed. Swift cuts result in some chopped trichome heads.


One can take an artisan's approach to trimming with scissors and produce pristine results. The purpose of the brush is to preserve most of the quality at significantly faster trim speed.

Brush Trimmed

On the right is a brush trimmed bud which retains more of its organic shape with most of the trichome heads intact.


Reduces Strain

Brushing is an ergonomic motion and puts nominal stress on your hands, wrists, and eyes. With proper technique brushing feels natural.

Faster Than Scissors

Brushing all the buds on a stalk at the same time is surprisingly efficient. With experience the volume you can trim brushing is impressive.

Protects Trichomes

The trichomes on your buds burst when touched due to pressure and stickiness. Brush trimming with silicone paddles is gentler on the plant.

Perfect Stiffness

The shape and stiffness of the silicone paddles provides the right amount of pressure to trim the stems and leaves off of most strains.

Minimal Resin Build-Up

As we know, resin is incredibly sticky. Scissors and gloves gunk up quickly while silicone is resistant to stickiness preventing resin build-up.

Easy to Clean

Brushes require much less cleaning than scissors. Eventually some quick cleaning will spiff up your paddles. Freeze the brush and gently knock off resin tips.


CannaBrush is designed for trimmers, by trimmers.

Your Crystals Are Safer

You suspected the paddle to make crystals skedaddle. Turns out silicone is naturally resin resistant. Although any contact will disrupt your trichomes, the brushing technique displaces fewer crystals than typical speed scissor trimming. When you brush, you hold the stalk, limiting handling. When trimming with scissors at a typical pace, buds get handled more heavily resulting in finger hash.

Scissor Trimming is Intense

There's a night and day difference between the flowy practice of brushing and the concentration and precision required to trim purely with scissors. Brushing is easy on your eyes, hands, and brain. Trim a shift with each and compare end-of-day energy levels.

Less Finger Hash

When brushing, most unwanted material is removed while holding the stalk, limiting contact with nuggets. When using scissors exclusively you have to handle each bud separately resulting in heavy resin build up on your gloves which are then thrown away. Through the process of cut > rotate > grab > repeat, a good deal of sap is released creating highly sticky conditions.

Intended Use

If you love trimming, and you want the best possible results, surgically trimming with scissors is going to be your best bet. Cultivators must make the choice between machine and hand trimming. Machine trimming has high upfront costs, decreased quality, but is fast. Traditional hand trimming can preserve quality if done carefully, but is the slowest method and comes at a premium cost. Using the brushing system, especially the assembly line method, preserves quality, improves speed, lowers costs, and is overall just more enjoyable.

Basting Brush?

Don't bring flop to your crop. Before designing CannaBrush we tried every silicone brush we could get our hands on. Most are unusable. A few of them kinda work but are still too flaccid for comfort. The bristles are too thin and long. The answer? Stubby paddles and a curved handle. Brushes last a long time. Brush like a boss for a bit higher cost.

Glorious Paddles

Unlike tubular bristles which are inexpensive to manufacture, paddles are produced through a molding process. The paddles are wide which increases surface area and makes them grabby.


CannaBrush has been carefully weighted to balance in your hand for extended hours of use. The counterweight helps facilitate upwards and downwards motions.
  • Weight
  • 2.7 Ounces
  • Width x Height
  • 2.25" x 10.5"
  • Paddle W x H
  • 1.85" x 1.25"
  • Paddle Material
  • 100% Food Grade Silicone
  • Paddle Angle
  • 15° From Handle
  • Num of Paddles
  • 3 rows of 10 (30 total)
  • Properties
  • Resin Resistant
Shipping for one brush is $5. Purchase two or more brushes for free shipping. Keep one, give the other to a friend to test out. Box of 10 has free shipping and 10% off.

Customer Reviews


I saved hours of time which is CRUCIAL

Seattle Chronic Seeds

81.5k Instagram Followers
My experience with the CannaBrush has been amazing. I was a little hesitant at first, but was hooked after my first few plants were finished in the time it took to normally trim a single plant. I saved hours of labor which is CRUCIAL for a small business owner to implement into other areas. That is a huge win in my book. Save yourself time and money today, just don't try and wet trim! All jokes aside, I stand behind the CannaBrush.

Get On the Bus

Hermit Rob

17.5k Instagram Followers
Stop trying to find a reason it won’t work! It works! Period! On every single strain? No, but neither do scissors. Loose strains look like crap no matter how you attempt it. CannaBrush works extremely well on most strains however, and exceptionally well on cookies, and tight flowers. It knocks off all the dry material, stems included, even in the tight spots with a little practice. Trichome loss is minimal (easily retained with a proper trim tray) and you get way less finger hash, if any at all. Maybe the biggest pkus we noticed is how less brain dead we are after 4-6 hours of trim jail. Trimming with scissors demands complete eye focus, which results in blurred vision, and headaches. CannaBrush is way less intense on the eyes, and brain. No comparison. And oh yeah, you can’t cut your finger off! Bought it, tried it, loved it, keeping it! Get on the bus 🤙

CannaBrush is the Future of Trimming

Mr Spliff

57.5k Instagram Followers
The CannaBrush is simply amazing. Life changing. In my opinion trimming flower is the most detailed and focus intensive part of the whole process of cultivation. Scissors can be dangerous when long days are spent trimming. Eye strain and wrist/hand cramps are a thing of the past. I also believe the CannaBrush leaves the flower innfar better shape than scissors or a destructive trim machine. The CannaBrush literally saved us 40% of the time it takes to properly trim flower reducing turn time and final coat of production. The CannaBrush is the future of trimming. Got it, thanks! Thank you! Love it!

Redefining Possible

Shad Emerson

I love it. I'm a C6 quadriplegic which means I can move my arms but my hands don't work. Because of that, up until now my wife has had to do all of the trimming for me. With this product and a special hand brace I have, it gives me back the ability to trim independently again. That, to me, is priceless. This is a game changer for the disabled community or anyone that has arthritis or hand problems. Thank you for your help and for giving me a little independence back.

@CANNA_BRUSH On Instagram

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